My name is Michael Johansson, aka "Micke J".
I am a Swedish photographer, specialized in rock/pop photography.
I shot my first band back in May 1981. Since 1984 I have been doing this full time. My photographs have been published in thousands of magazines, LP/CD covers, books, etc. all over the world.
These days, I'm sharing my time between Stockholm and Southern France. I 've just started dedicating more and more time to scanning my archives in order to show them through different media, the main one being this website. You can already order prints of my pics featured on Instagram or Facebook.
For further information, don't hesitate to contact me!

Je m'appelle Michael Johansson, mais je  suis plus connu sous le pseudo de "Micke J". Je suis photographe de rock professionnel, basé à Stockholm (Suède). J'ai commencé ma carrière en mai 1981. Depuis 1984, c'est mon métier à plein temps. Mes photos ont été publiées dans des milliers de magazines, sur des centaines de couvertures de disques, de livres, etc. Et ce, à travers le monde entier.
Désormais, je partage mon temps entre la Suède et le Sud de la France. Je commence enfin  à consacrer plus de temps à l'exploitation de mes archives, à les scanner, à les montrer à travers différents médias dont ce site web. Vous pouvez déjà commander des tirages de mes photos disponibles sur Instagram ou Facebook. Et pour toute information, n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

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About this website:

In the list below you will find most of the artists I have photographed, in alphabetical order. This list is continually being updated with archive material.
Eventually there will be photo galleries for each of these gigs and photosessions, and each thumbnail will lead to a gallery featuring many pictures. But currently very few galleries are available.
As there are millions of pics to go through, it will take a lifetime or two to get it all done... So feel free to check updates here quite often :-)
If you are interested in photographs for official use in magazines, books, documentaries and such, don't hesitate to get in touch and I will let you know what I have as soon as possible.

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